5 Useful Gadgets for the Elderly at Home

As our parents start to age we can’t help but worry about them more than we did before. They may need a little extra help around the home but they will be keen to keep their independence as much as possible. Thankfully there are plenty of gadgets that are on the market today that can make living independently a lot easier.

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Five gadgets that you may want to consider purchasing for your parents are listed below.

1.Jar Openers

Getting the lids off jars can be a struggle when people get older especially if they suffer with arthritis. A jar opener is a very useful tool to have in the kitchen as it can help them get into a variety of different sized jars. These openers create leverage to open the jars and so they do not require a lot of strength.

2.Magnification Devices

There are many different types of magnification devices that can be used to aid the reading of small text. These can range from magnified sheets that can be held directly over the text to lenses that can fit over existing pairs of glasses. Some devices also have LED lighting attached to them so that reading becomes even easier.

3.In Ear Hearing Aid

Life can become more difficult for an elderly person if they can no longer hear as well as they used to. One solution to this is an in ear hearing aid which is very discreet and can help to amplify sounds. If you are unsure about which type of hearing aid to get then you should get professional advice from a company such as DoctEar – Ear Health and Safety. They will be able to discuss all of your options with you and help you make the right choice.

4.Wireless Security Alarms

If you are worried about the security of your parents property then you may want to consider getting a security alarm installed. This does not have to be a complicated process and there are many alarms available that you will be able to install yourself. Wireless alarms are a good choice because they can be positioned anywhere in the home that they are needed. You may even be able to get an alarm that sounds at your home as well if there is ever an issue.

5.Digital Photo Frames

Being able to look at photos of their family and friends will be good for your parents mental health. Having a digital photo frame means that they will be able to view as many photos as they want without the house becoming too cluttered. There will also be no need for them to go searching through the house for photo albums which can reduce the risk of trips and falls.

Your parents will want to live as independently as possible so they can enjoy their life and be less of a burden on you. With a little bit of help there is no reason why they cannot achieve this. There is new technology that is being developed all the time which can help elderly people live full and independent lives.

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