Top 6 Tricks to Make Gmail Faster and Speed Up

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular e-mail service. It has made sending e-mails quite fun and it has plenty of quirky features you don’t want to think about losing. It’s also relatively secure e-mail, which is important in the modern world. However, like all good things, Gmail can sometimes be a frustrating system to use. Its biggest downfall? It sometimes goes slow and sluggish. The good news is that you can manage this and there are tricks to make Gmail faster.

So, if you are struggling with a slowing Gmail account, utilise these tips.

Top 6 Tips to Make Gmail Faster and Speed Up

Turn off the chat function

You might not realise but your Gmail always has Google Talk open. Take a glance at the left sidebar on your account and you will notice a little Chat module. The chat can be rather sluggish and you are definitely better off using a dedicated chat client such as Franz or Adium if you need it.

You can turn off the chat function by going to Gmail settings. There you will find a section named Chat. Click it and select the Chat Off option and save your changes. Now, you won’t need to worry about the chat popping up or slowing your e-mails.

Limit the number of messages shown

Gmail also allows you to choose how many messages are displayed on the pages. The more you have, the slower the system can get since it has to load more of them at once. If you don’t mind, you can speed up the system by limiting this number.

Find your way into the General section under Settings. You should be able to find a section called Maximum Page Size. You can then select how many you want to be shown from the dropdown menu – 25 should be enough but you can go as low as 10 if you want.

Limit and remove third-party connections

One of the best things about Gmail is how you can link it up with a lot of other websites and apps. Now, linking your Google account with apps can be a good way of keeping track with all sorts of things – especially if you are an entrepreneur. However, it can slow down your e-mail account and make it sluggish.

It can be a good idea to make sure you at least limit the access for third-party connections. You essentially want to ensure that all the connections that are in use are actually used by you – you might notice the service to have old apps still connected and these can definitely be turned off.

You can turn off the connections at the Authorised Access page.

Stick to the default theme

There are quirky themes out there for Gmail. Custom themes always make things prettier but they can also slow things down. If you are struggling with speed whenever you open your Gmail, you might want to ensure you are using just the default theme. This is because the custom themes often have additional elements, such as graphics, which take longer to load.

You can swap back to the default theme rather quickly. Head over to the Settings section and click on the Themes to change back to the default design.

Delete your filters

Filters are a powerful way to keep your e-mail in check. They make sorting and routing messages easy. Yet, filters also have a darker side – over time, you might accumulate a huge collection of filters that just end up clogging the system.

You don’t need to get rid of all filters but it’s a good idea to check them to ensure you are also utilising useful ones. Go to the Settings section and click on Filters. You will then see a full list of your current filters – some of them are probably not in use anymore. Remove any old filters and you will speed up your e-mail.

In addition, if you are receiving many newsletters, you should occasionally see which ones to subscribe to and which one are not worth it. Having these directed to a folder will clog up the system and you definitely shouldn’t burden your e-mail with things you never read.

Make sure Gmail is the culprit

If you are struggling with slow loading times in Gmail, make sure the problem is actually Gmail and not something else. For example, if all of your websites are slow to load the problem could be the connection. If your computer is slow in general, the issue is on the hardware and not your Gmail account. So, pay attention to when and where the issue is happening. If you need to update your computer, laptop, or tablet, OZCodes has a number of offers for technology retailers. You can also find software that can boost your Internet connection from different companies and ensure your Gmail won’t trouble you.

So, try the above tricks to make Gmail faster. If you can’t solve the problem, then the issue might be something else and not your Gmail settings.

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