How to Streamline Your Training and Development Needs

Here are the some best way to streamline your corporate training and development procedure of your employees.

The work environment that all of us are part of requires employees to have adequate training to perform complex tasks. This is achieved via an efficient, reliable and cost effective manner.

Training a standard performance enhancing medium is needed when employees are not performing up to the desired levels.

In hindsight they are not able to churn in performances desired by an organization.

The gap between an actual performance with the desired performance calls for a need for training and developing.

In the method of instructional design a call for training is a first major step.

With a proper training needs analysis module, you can identify who needs training and what type of training is called for.

It is a waste of time in providing wrong training to a person as it wastes resources along with time of an organization. With training needs analysis module, you need to ensure resources of training are put to worthy use.

  • Organizational analysis– basically analyzing business needs or why training is called for in the first place. An analysis of goals and objectives of an organization. An important question to answer is who decides that training has to be conducted. If solving a business problem requires training you need to have an idea about history of an organization and how they have been performing in relation to management interventions
  • Person analysis– this deals with instructors or participants in the process. The question is who would be receiving the training and what their expected levels of knowledge on the subject are. Do employees have desired skills? Is there any need for change in equipment, procedures or software to ensure training?
  • Content analysis – list of documents, procedures or laws as part of the job. This analysis information on what skill sets are needed on a given job. The content of a training module should align with objectives of an organization. Taking help of an experienced work would make content matter reliable.
  • Work analysis– the skill sets of an employer to perform a given job. It clearly needs to outline the core duties with desired skill sets needed as part of a job.
  • Performance analysis– is the employees performing as per expected levels of a job. Do you witness a gap between actual and standard performance. If desired performance is not up to the mark can training help to reduce gap.
  • Suitability of training analysis– in depth knows how on whether training location is up to standards. To employment problems training appears to be a timely solution. It is really beneficial to understand whether training is going to be as per expectations
  • Analysis of cost benefit– compares training needs with the return on investment. If training is effective it will ensure return in terms of value to an organization which would be a lot as compared to administer or produce training.

Figure out an organizational analysis to make efficient Training and Development

It is important to understand what the resources that are needed for training are.

The mission along with goals of an organization needs to align with an employer department. What is the expected support of the senior management and personnel towards training?

Does an organization provide support for the same?

Are the resources both from a financial and personnel point of view in place?

Working on task and work analysis

It is better to conduct interview of better performing employers or subject matter experts.

This interview process should extend to supervisors and managers in charge. Review of occupational information and job descriptions is also important.

A sense of understanding needs to develop in order to understand how employees are going to undertake a given job.

As part of task analysis some important questions to pose are

  • Which are the tasks you need to perform?
  • What is the anticipated frequency of such tasks?
  • How each task stands to be important?
  • What are the knowledge levels that are needed to accomplish each task?
  • What are the difficulty levels of each task?
  • Is any training given to undertake a given task?

Take stock of an employer working on a job. The tasks to be performed have to be documented. When you undertake process of documentation it needs to start with an action verb. How you can rate this task analysis to the available job descriptions? Was any part of job descriptions being missed by task analysis? Are there any tasks that were performed omitted as part of task analysis procedure.

The identified tasks have to be organized. A sequence of tasks by importance or accomplishment has to be put forth.

Do you figure out any difference on certain work tasks between high and low performing employees? Is there any major difference between a novice and an expert?  The question is whether providing training to employees would go on to improving performance on their jobs.

The employee’s needs to formulate decisions on the basis of information handed out to them. What is the process of garnering information? How it would benefit an employer with the required piece of information? The basic outline is whether training can contribute to better performance levels or not.

Cognitive task model

Formulate a methodology for a task. Figure out location of the decision points and what is the information required in arriving at these decisions. Certain actions are outlined on the basis of this given information. In relation the model has to be a graphic or a systematic replication of a task. You develop this model by interviewing and interacting with the staff. The core purpose would be to develop a model which would guide training programs or development in future.

As training models it on specific job types, employers are likely to be more comfortable to participate in the process of training.

You might have to gather information on how the task is performed so as to develop a model for the same. Descriptions or review tasks would provide you with an idea of the same. Watch how employer goes on performing a job. Ensure that you observe both experts along with novices performing on a given job.

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