5 Basic Tips to Improve Your Websites SEO 2022

A lot of marketers are investing in SEO sites to market their products and services online. Although this is an excellent boost for getting a high number of customers for your goods and services, it is also important to note that creating the site alone does not guarantee you to get ranking on different engines such as Google and Yahoo. Therefore, to get your website to the top ranking, you require to think outside the box and come up with different tips and ideas to incorporate into your SEO site to make it unique and quality as well. Well, below I have compiled five tips to help you improve your website’s SEO.

Five tips to improve your website’s SEO

  1. Link your website to your social media.

Social media are excellent platforms to help you get your site on Google. So after creating your SEO site include all the links to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and also youtube. This makes it easy for people to see their profiles and leave their comments regarding your site as well. It can also help in leading your social media friends to your site which means the higher the traffic you will get the higher the ranking you will receive from Google.

  1. Include Alt text to your images.

SEO is great when it comes to reading different texts on your site, but they are not able to figure out the images that are displayed on the website. For that reason, they have come up with a new technique that involves the use of Alt text to help in understanding the different images on the site. What is an Alt text? This requires the web designer or the owner to write a few words to describe the images displayed on the website for the visitors to understand what they mean. Also, ensure that you include all the crucial information such as the name of your company and what you offer on the Alt text.

  1. Use anchor text.

This is another excellent tip to use in boosting your website. This is because it helps the customer visiting your site get to learn more about your site and what you offer, and they can easily get what they were looking for. In other words, anchor texts help your customers by making it easy for them to navigate through your page and get their wants easily. Be careful when positioning the anchor site to ensure that your clients’ can easily access it and reach your site as well.

  1. Design titles and descriptions of every page.

Get your website pages ranked on top and attract traffic to your site too by developing different titles and descriptions for your sites. The two helps the researcher and Google get a brief idea of what you offer on your website and how to reach to your site. This requires professional designing and if you have no knowledge on how to go about it, hire professional website designers such as Brand That Name SEO Agency to help you in coming up with an excellent title and description for your site.

  1. Create a good URL.

URL is a good part of building your site. This is because it contains information about your site and what you offer in a small description form. Therefore, ensure that it is well written and clear such that the users will not have difficulties figuring out what you offer. It is also the first thing that Google looks at in order to understand what you offer in your business.

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