Effective Tips to Boost Low Platelet Count Naturally

Are your blood platelets low and you have to be cautious not to scrape or cut yourself? Are you under doctors upkeep and yet you are inept to make any supportable progress to upsurge your platelet count? Are you on prescription medicines that have infuriating or even serious side-effects? Is conceivable surgery in your future? If you are undergoing any of these issues or perhaps some not mentioned here, I would like to tell you that you are not alone facing this scenario. You can upsurge platelets naturally as well.

Low Blood Platelets boost method

Thrombocytopenia occurs when your blood platelet count is low. Platelets are also called thrombocytes. Many with this disorder have been able to upsurge platelets using natural approaches. When I say “natural”, I mentioning the approaches with little if any disgusting side-effects. These are the treatments that rectify the source of platelet dysfunction and not just conceal the symptoms. The medicinal field has been using the same default treatments for over twenty years and will even eliminate your spleen as one of the first tries to stop platelet destruction. What is up with that? If you find your blood platelets low, it could be from a violent immune system. Immune systems that attack the body organs or functions are called autoimmune illnesses.

What is Low Platelet Count?

Usually, a healthy person has platelet count in the assortment of 150,000 to 450,000 per microlitre (μl) of blood. In contrast to thrombosis, Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelet Count) is more widespread and could be because of a reduced platelet production, an augmented destruction or side-effects from medicine (drug venomousness) such as Chemotherapy. Thrombocytopenia is often categorized by platelet count less than 50,000 per μl of blood. Signs such as bruising, purpuria in forearms, pinpoint hemorrhages, bleeding nose and bleeding gums are related to Thrombocytopenia.

Typical treatment consists of corticosteroids which upsurge platelet production accompanied by lithium carbonate or folate which upsurges the bone marrow manufacturing of the platelets. In extreme circumstances, platelet transfusion is the only alternative for lethal situations. All treatment possibilities have their cons. Some cons take account of severe toxicities and immunosuppressant effects of corticosteroids, renal toxicities of lithium and severe patient no fulfillment in platelet transfusion.

Attention should be given to alternate therapies to fight low platelet count such as herbal therapy which is comparatively free from the toxic side-effects of the allopathic drugs. Here are four ways your body can destroy platelets and detecting the one affecting you improves your likelihoods of deciding on a treatment that will give affirmative outcomes.

  • Platelets being oxidized by free radicals: This can be due to poor diet and other bad behaviors. Lifestyle changes and nutritious supplements should be considered.
  • Platelets being destroyed by the immune system: A disordered immune system or an autoimmune disease can attack platelets thinking they are attackers. Pinpointing triggers such as chemical exposures, allergies or sensitivities and sidestepping them will help. Also looking into herbs that are modulators of the unaffected can yield positive outcomes.
  • Platelets being devastated by the spleen: This is generally linked to number two and can be dealt with in the same manner. Doctors will recommend spleen elimination but this should be dodged since the spleen has many valued functions and surgery is a choice that can’t be undone.
  • Low bone marrow production not keeping up with usual replacement needs: This can be a signature of a serious problem such as leukemia or other cancer and platelet stimulating drugs might be essential. However, nutritional shortages can also be part of the problem. Blood builders and other supplements can have positive outcomes.

Why Seek Natural Remedial Route?

Thousands of individuals ask how to upsurge platelet count daily. Most seek assistance from their doctors but many times, even while undergoing treatment, they are still probing for constructive answers. This is because typical medical treatments don’t always yield positive outcomes and can be terrifying as well. In fact, many treatments like the ones that administer potent prescription drugs can have appalling side-effects. Many seek to diminish or avoid these side-effects in unison. Other treatments such as spleen removal can be dangerous and can only temporarily solve the problem.

Most see only temporary outcomes then the body finds other ways to abolish platelets and one is back where they started minus their spleen. However, you need to be upbeat when it comes to your health. You need to be a dynamic participant and rummage around for alternatives your clinician has not been trained to contemplate. Alternative approaches can turn things around and get your body back on track to manufacturing more platelets.

It all comes down to treating reasons rather than symptoms. If you can fathom what is displeasing the balance of platelet production, then you can take measures to rectify things without killing your time.

Increasing Platelet Count Naturally

Millions of people universally struggle with low platelets and are eyeing for ways to increase platelet count. For most, it is presently not life-threatening, but for others the disorder is serious and their lives are in danger. Females at large are more vulnerable to this disorder for numerous reasons. The physical makeup of ladies with the vacillation of hormones from puberty via the child bearing years on into menopause has a traumatic effect on their health.

Autoimmune disorders befall in more females owing to these factors. And a high incident of low platelet sufferers has autoimmune dysfunction (again more rampant in ladies) where platelets are being prematurely removed from the blood. Males, though not as disposed to, also labor under low platelet counts. But this is typically related to work milieus and lifestyles that hamper their overall health. Obviously, for both genders, heredities can also be a factor.

If somebody in your family suffers from ITP blood disorder, you are at a greater risk. So, if you have this ailment, or are in danger, learning all you can about how to upsurge platelet count naturally should be very essential to you.

Herbal Medications: An Alternative Therapy for Low Blood Count

Herbal medicines have been used for eras for the treatment of numerous diseases; recently, medical research is trying to stretch out to comprehend the exact constituents in herbs that help with disease healing. As far as blood count is concerned, there are a number of herbal treatments which are accessible and identified to be effective. One such common treatment is based on papaya leaf herb.

Papaya Plant

Papaya plant, biologically identified as Carica Papaya is grown in most tropical nations. In some areas, it is referred to as the “medicine tree” or “melon of health” because of its high nutritious components. Phytochemical studies of papaya reveal very multifarious biochemical constituents, amid which carpaine (anthelmintic alkaloid), papain (protease), lycopene, sinigrin, caricin (glycosides), vitamin A and C are major constituents. While papaya fruit is well recognized for its laxative effect, the leaf is used topically for cuts, rashes, stings and burns, and as a folk medication for contraception and abortion because of its ability to tempt uterine contractions.

Papaya has also been productive in curing dengue fever. Recent studies show papaya leaves also has some anti-proliferative effect against cancer cells, along with its nephro-protective and antibacterial effects. More prominently, papaya leaves have confirmed to be effective for increasing platelet counts. The upsurge in the blood count by papaya plant is well established in some regions including Australia, South America, Philippines and Africa, and has shown confirmed outcomes of drastic improvements in platelet count.

The major parts used for therapy are leaves and stem. Green leaves and stem are splashed with water and crumpled to obtain the extract, which is then taken fresh for a few weeks until the platelet count regularize. Effects on platelet count is seen somewhere from 2 to 6 weeks of use.

Vitamin D

One of the natural remedies encouraged to fight platelet dysfunction is vitamin D. Many suffering from low platelet count take high amounts of D and it has been proven to help ITP disease. However, if you are not lacking in D, then the remedy will not work for you. In fact, high doses of vitamin D are toxic and can be damaging.

Benefits of Natural Remedies

Here are some of the advantages that should cause you to take a serious look at natural treatments for your low platelets.

  • Not a very high pricing medical treatments.
  • More perpetual long-term outcomes are attained and your whole health is improved, not just platelet count.
  • Since natural treatments only encompass changing lifestyle and the oral use of herbs and other nourishing supplements, perilous surgery is avoided.
  • Can be executed in the confidentiality of your own home.
  • Does not inhibit any existing medical treatment and can improve your condition enough that your doctor could take you off of the medicines you have been taking.
  • Limited to nil side-effects. This is a big positive, since many medicines have some serious side effects and can even be worse in the long run than your low platelets.
  • Several of the natural treatment ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.
  • You learn how to take better care of your health and owing to this, your overall health improves and even some of your other health problems can be improved or even resolved in the procedure.

What Diet Can Really Help Your Low Platelet Count?

There is always a hullabaloo about diet and disease and diet and ITP is not an exception. It is believed that adding more protein will not arouse your bone marrow to create more platelets. However, superfluous protein is a burden to the body. Many a times, the body just wants to rest from all these opulent foods. Believe it or not, it can overhaul itself better. That is why a low-calories diet as per certain studies may be advantageous. The body can heal itself better owing to this. Also the energy used for ingestion is used for snowballing platelets. This way you can give your body a chance to heal itself. Here is the sample diet you can follow for some time:

1. Early Morning Breakfast

  • Oats prepared with some almond milk or rice milk. You can sugarcoat with stevia or honey.
  • Eat blue berries. At least one cup you should eat. Other fruits allowable are all the berry family and pomegranate. You can add another fruit if desirable.
  • Ezekiel bread toast with some almond or peanut butter is imperative. Only use 100% natural peanut butter with no hydrogenated fats or sugar added.

2. Lunch Meal

  • Eat a salad made of romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, some beets and some slices of tomatoes. Only add lemon and extra virgin olive oil along with a bit of salt.
  • Use whole grain such as brown rice or a root vegetable like baked potato or sweet potato.
  • Use beans as a foundation of protein. Use a diverse one every day. Cook only in olive oil.

3. Evening Meal

  • Make certain that you only have something light for the evening meal
  • Eat a fruit salad and some toast from Ezekiel bread. Or you can have a freshly-made vegetable soup that is not canned.
  • Drink only water. Wait 5 hours from one meal to another. You should take a good-quality multivitamin while implementing this.

Since the probabilities of being hurt by using natural treatments for low platelets are virtually absent, why wait anymore? Double or even triple your positive outcomes with all natural mixtures that can be used at home. The earlier your start, the faster you will see positive outcomes. We live in very traumatic times and everyday things we are exposed to have a damaging effect on our health. All natural treatments for low platelets embrace not only nutritional supplements, super foods, and herbs but also learning improved lifestyle habits and sidestepping hazards maximum of us are not aware of. Using this information will help heal your body and maintain its aptitude to upsurge platelet count to appropriate healthy levels.

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