Top 5 Software to Help Manage Your Business through Amazon

Amazon is an extremely competitive market and to succeed as a business on the platform, you will need to find any advantage over the competition that you can. Luckily, there is numerous software available for business to manage inventory, streamline your eCommerce store, and get ahead of the competition. These software tools not only help you manage your business in a more convenient way but will also help you expand and operate easier.

New businesses who are starting out on Amazon need to be aware of the potential pitfalls which they can face as their business expands. For instance, if your business faces a sudden increase in orders or a large volume of orders, you need to be prepared to handle that order. This is where having the right software can come in extremely handy and help process large volume orders quickly and easily with minimum disruption to your business.

Businesses which do not manage their inventory or orders quickly can face bad customer reviews, orders for stock they do not have and even account suspension by Amazon. This could be detrimental to your business. For these reasons, it is strongly suggested to check out the 5 best seller softwares shown below.

Here are the 5 Software to Help Manage Your Business through Amazon

1. Sellics

One of the top-rated software to manage your business online, Sellics is an inventory management system which includes a wide range of features. Available for use in the US, UK, and multiple other Amazon marketplaces, businesses can rank their products by optimization, perform competitor research, and much more.

2. Manage By Stats

One for business owners who just love statistics, Manage By Stats provides a web platform with numerous important metrics to help optimize your business on Amazon. The software is compatible with the UK, US, and other Amazon marketplaces and offers detailed statistics including smart predictions and alerts for future inventory planning.

3. Stitch Labs

Perfect for businesses which deal with complex orders, Stitch Labs works with your inventory to ensure you can consistently fulfill orders. It is compatible with the Amazon marketplaces in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, US, and others. Business owners can also forecast future stock levels accurately and use the software to fuel growth.

4. RestockPro

A high-quality software, RestockPro works by converting FBA data into intelligence by utilizing complex algorithms. Working with data from all European, and the US Amazon marketplace, the software tracks orders to provide stats such as expected margins, monitoring of sales, and intelligent restocking of items.

5. Teikametrics

A wonderful tool for reaching the right customers, Teikametrics not only looks after inventory but also recommends advertisement strategies. Compatible with most Amazon marketplaces, the software helps you to create targeted ads to reach the best customers for products while also managing your inventory and other tasks such as repricing.

Managing an online business is extremely difficult and even more so on Amazon. At any time you may receive an unexpected bulk order, throwing your inventory out of whack and creating chaos. However, using the tools mentioned above can help you to prepare for such an event and ensure your customers are always happy. Saving time and money is the main benefit of using software to help manage your business on Amazon.

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