List of Best Free Backlink Checker Tools Online

There are a couple of changes we can see with regard to SEO, and we all know every professional, and entrepreneur has their own unique technique of link building, but the question is what will newbies do ” the best answer to this question you will find here, which helps new bloggers to build some amount of backlinks with the help of this backlink checker tool, from this tool you can check both incoming (inbound) and outgoing (outbound) links of your and another website. These useful tools are specially built to check the backlink popularity of a website. Everyone wants to rank higher on Google, but for that, you have to build high-quality backlinks, as referring to the Google penguin algorithm update Google strictly devalued the low-quality backlinks. After investigating on backlinks, today in this tutorial I will show you some of the best list of backlink checker tool both online and offline.

Why use the Backlink checker tool

If any other website links to your website or internal page to your website from its site, is known as a backlink. You are all very well concerned about quality links can increase your PageRank and better Traffic on the other side you should also know bad links can affect your website badly. Those bad links are coming from dead pages. If you are getting backlinks from this type of website quickly inform Google about these links otherwise you will see large decline in traffic. With this Backlink checker tool you can analyze the best links of your competitors so that you can also get those links into your competitor has.

Usually backlinks are of two types Dofollow and no follow.

While building backlinks, we usually target on creating dofollow links. By using these tools we can easily count the number of dofollow backlinks we have created. Amount of quality backlinks helps in improving PR (Page Rank) and also (DA Domain Authority).

Below following list are free online backlink checker tools, which will help you to see incoming backlinks to your website. You can use any of them based on your requirement, none of them requires any registration or sign up.

Check backlinks with these backlink checker websites

Ahrefs: One of the best backlink checker tool, it is a paid but if you register you can get complete analysis along with anchor text.

Backlink Watch: It will show a complete outbound links list with anchor text of your page.

CognitiveSEO Backlink Checker: This is a paid tool, but it also offer 14 days trial pack. It shows you Fresh links, Referring domains, Anchor text and link to particular pages.

Linkody: Backlink Checker: This is a paid tool, but it also offer the limits of top 10 backlinks of the website.

Majestic: It shows External Backlinks, Referring Domains, Referring IPs, Referring Subnets and Anchor Text.

OpenLinkProfiler: The latest edition of backlink checker which is completely free tool and allows you to check fresh backlink update, you can also export 1000 backlinks in .csv format.

RankSignals: Free and also paid version must try it.

SEMrush: This is one of the best backlink checker tools with new features, it has an immense database which update daily and also offer you accurate backlink status.

WebMeUp backlink tool:  Simple must check

Open Site Explorer: This is also one of my favorites, Its compares domains backlinks. If you have a paid account of SEOMOZ then this tool works best. This has good enough to get higher than your competitor.

Link Diagnosis: It provides you different options like detailed reports, optimization, gives you backlinks for a single page and link diagnosis work best in Firefox.

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