5 Landing Page Design Mistakes Which Affect SEO

The design of your landing page should provide users with accurate information. It’s one of the most important pages on your website and its configuration might affect your success or failure in converting visitors. This means you should make the page as appealing as possible and avoid common mistakes that would distract user navigation.

With that, here are some you should avoid when designing your landing pages that could also affect SEO:

1. Slow load speed

One of the things you want to address while designing a landing page is speed. The kind of media you include on the page might be a key factor in determining how well your landing page can load. Don’t include many or large photos, and avoid using a lot of JavaScript text that might necessitate loading in the background.

Users want to access information as fast as possible and when they are coming from search results, a slow page is the last thing they would tolerate. Google also scans page speed to determine if your site offers reliable navigation.

2. Cluttered design

Design of landing pages should also address the issue with clutter and the inclusion of unnecessary items. For example, statistics from MarkeTop, a company that uses data to formulate marketing strategies, show that 16% of landing pages don’t have navigation bars while 48% have multiple offers.

Companies that get rid of the navigation achieve a 100% improvement in performance and this is because when users land on your landing page, they expect to find accurate information, not to start searching again. Build a clean and well-organized landing page for maximum effect and to convert more visitors.

3. Color attack

This mistake is commonly committed by people who love color. They are influenced to use a lot of color to achieve a certain mood, but this usually ends in a crazy landing age that distract user’s attention. Using too much color could overshadow the intended message, and many visitors will leave a few minutes after landing. This could instruct Google the page is not relevant for the keyword targeted, thereby having it pushed further down search results.

4. Unexpected sounds, sudden video commercials

You probably have been in this situation, where you are quietly in the office then you all of a sudden get those disgusting harsh sounds. Sometimes it might take you minutes before you discover the sound is coming from a page on your browser. Many people will not bother to mute the sound and would prefer to close the page altogether. If this happens on your landing page, you might end losing conversions.

5. Many pop-ups

After loading a page and pop-ups appear, even after just spending seconds on the page, this annoyance might make you to close the page. Closing one pop-up after another is not a good experience to the user, and will discourage many of them from staying on the landing page. So, if you have to use pop-ups, apply them only at exit as the user tries to close the tab.

The success of your landing page might be influenced by how well it is designed. There are few parameters you might want to look to make your landing page more meaningful. These include having a neat page that does not have clutter and other unnecessary features.

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