30 Instant Home Remedies for Headache

With conviction, everybody has experienced headache at some point of time in life. Headaches are considered to be the most rampant and common health issue nowadays, particularly among females. To begin with, let us discuss what headaches are.

What are headaches?

Headache is referred to the pain in the head region which takes account of the face, neckline and sporadically in the upper back and shoulder area. Most medical books and online resources advocate that the pain is felt owing to the nearby nerves found within the scalp, face and neck. These areas are very sensitive. When the blood vessels neighboring the head and face are irritated or frazzled, headaches will certainly develop. The reality is that the brain tissue and skulls are not vulnerable to pain since they lack the sensitive fibers. However, for some portions where there are so many sensitive fibers, time will tell, when headaches will happen. Did you know that there are three categories of headaches? Yes, the three categories of headaches are tension, migraines and clusters. I mentioned earlier that females are more vulnerable to experience headaches than males. But for clusters, menfolk are mostly affected. Besides the categories of headaches, it is imperative to know the factors that can elicit headaches or migraines attack. Maximum of the time, headaches are stress-related. However, it can also be an effect of a high fever, head wound, straining, irritability, deficient sleep and so forth.

Causes of headache

Headaches are customarily triggered by muscle contractions and they can be approximately categorized as mild, tension-triggered and migraine headaches, which are the most excruciating of them all. Migraine sufferers are typically females and this headache is habitually caused on one side of the head. It is escorted by extreme throbbing of the head, nausea and occasionally vomiting. When there is a migraine spell, maximum sufferers cannot function and they long for darkness and sleep.

How to cure headache naturally with home remedies?

Do you relentlessly keep having head-pounding and piercing headaches at least once each day? Have you tried painkillers or home medicines to ease your pain but never work? Are you looking for home remedies and natural solutions to get rid of headaches? When we are speaking about headaches and migraines treatment, our generation is very fortunate. We now have numerous resources for treatment, most prevalent being home remedies and natural therapies. Home remedies promise the sufferer negligible side-effects and speedy relief from headaches. Also, simple alterations in lifestyle can go a long way in treating headaches. Folks opt for these kinds of treatment because they have scarcer side-effects and are proven very effective. Here, we will delve into some natural home remedies for treating headaches.

1. Garlic and ginger

Garlic has been found to have a headache-calming effect. Garlic juice applied on the forehead functions as a pain-killer and assuages pain. Ginger is also found to have a palliative effect in the treatment of headaches.

2. Lemon

Lemon juice blended with tea, also called lemon tea, offers instantaneous relief from headaches. The peel of the lemon has been found to assist in the treatment of headaches which are prompted by heat. A fine paste of lemon crust applied to the forehead or temples can give respite from headaches.

3. Apple

Eating ripe apples peppered with salt on an empty stomach every morning for a week is said to give long-lasting respite from persistent headaches. First remove the upper peel and then the core.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is believed to cure headaches initiated by cold weather. The ground spice can be blended with water, made into a fine paste and applied to temples and forehead for long-term relief.

5. Water treatment

A cleaning enema using hot water, a cold compress for the head, hot fomentations, etc., offer relief from headaches instigated by liver and stomach upsets.

6. Marjoram

Marjoram is advantageous in curing the nervous headache. It is recommended that the decoction of its leaves should be consumed as a tea to get instantaneous pain respite.

7. Hot foot bath

Hot foot baths are very useful in protracted headache treatment. Keeping your feet dunked in a tub filled with warm water for 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed at night is found to be effective in handling headaches.

9. Yoga

Some pranayamas like anulomaviloma and sitkari, shitali; yogakriyas such as jalneti and kunjal and yogasanas such as sarvangasana, paschimottanasana, uttanpadasana, shavasana and halasana augment blood circulation and offer remarkable help in relieving headaches. Pranayamas also offer relief from stress and anxiety.

10. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is considered an effective remedial option for curing headaches which have been elicited by acidity. A paste of sandalwood can be applied to the forehead for respite.

11. Massage

Massaging the head with oil can offer relief from some type of headaches. Some herbal oils such as eucalyptus oil are believed to have remedial properties and are very advantageous in treatment of headaches.

12. Cloves

Aromatic cloves are supposed to offer immediate relief from headaches. They have a nerve-soothing effect, which aids in calming the nerves supplying to your head and thus decreasing the pain.

13. Rosemary

Rosemary has been found very useful in curing headache. The herb can be boiled with water and the steam can be huffed for some minutes to offer relief from headache.

14. Henna

Henna flowers which have been scoured in vinegar can be applied on the forehead to get evenhanded respite from mild headaches.

15. Nutrition and workout

Physical workout is the superlative way to build up immunity and inhibit headaches. A regular well-adjusted diet encompassing fresh fruits and veggies is idyllic for a healthy living. Dried fruits are also a remarkable source of energy. Protein-rich and starchy foods such as soya, cereals, whole wheat bread, potatoes or rice are wonderful to have for dinner. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day will help cleanse your system.

17. Apply warm wheat bags to the neck

Warm wheat bags are the finest thing to ease headaches quickly. A warm wheat bag principally aids to warm up and ease headaches by up-surging the blood circulation to the neck and unwinds the nerves that cause headaches. Wheat bags also aids to relax the muscles around your skull and neck which decreases stress.

18. Temple massaging

Massaging your temples mildly and smoothly helps in improving the proportion of blood flow to the forehead. This in order aids in decreasing the condition.

19. Say ‘no’ to chewing gum

This is a habit more conspicuous in youths. The recurrent chewing of gums makes the muscles in the jaw very tight which ultimately creates the pain.

20. Walking

Walking is an effective way to ease pains. Walking aids to ease headaches by up-surging the amount of happy natural pain-killers called endorphins. These pain killers are naturally released from your body when you work out. Walking is the impeccable exercise to release these natural pain killers since it puts the least physical pressure on the body and it is also the most proficient way to release endorphins.

21. Applying medicated oil

Oils like peppermint have been acknowledged to relieve pain and throbbing. They are generally applied outwardly on regions where the pain is felt. Applying the oil has the same effect as giving a massage. You are fundamentally using oils to encourage blood circulation. The mild rubbing movements of the fingers also generate heat, which can also help relieve pain.

22. Drink lots of plain, cool water

At times, migraine can be triggered by over-exposure to heat. You may not notice this intentionally when you are in the sun. When you come back home, you begin to feel pain in your head. This is an indication that you are dehydrated. To inhibit this from happening, always drink water frequently. You should be extra watchful of your hydration on warm days. On warm days, because of the heat, your body loses water enormously rapider than normal. When the body begins to weaken, that is when migraine headaches take root.

23. Compression methods

There are individuals who vouch for using vegetable and fruit paste to apply on the head. While there is no scientific substantiation supporting these techniques, there may be some actuality in these commendations. These approaches perhaps work because of the pressure you apply on the aching zones.

24. Get some sleep

Take some time out from your hectic life schedule to close your eyes, sleep tight and relax. At times, this is all you need to do throw out a severe headache. Simultaneously, a long sleep can only make the pain worse.

25. Use some heat

Using a heating pad to support your shoulders and neck will offer you immediate respite from the tension. The heating pad will unwind the muscles in these zones and thus help you dispose of the pain. Massaging your forehead with a warm cloth/pad will also be of help.

26. Stay cool

If heat does not agree with you, you might also try some ice packs on the shoulders and neck. A cool massage on the forehead will also be useful. Some individuals get rid of the pain by simply sitting in an air-conditioned room and relaxing.

27. Go for eye check-up

Most often, poor eyesight breeds into a headache since you are always squinting to get a suitable view of anything. Getting your eyes tested punctually and perhaps even wearing glasses may relieve you from such recurrent condition.

28. Meet a dentist

Difficulties in the mouth could also elicit a headache. It could be a tooth that is infested, a jaw that is not aligned appropriately or even a wisdom tooth that is just appearing. You might not be aware of these complications, so it benefits to consult a dentist and get the teeth tested so that you can get rid of it.

29. Essential oils

Have you heard about the power of aromatherapy in treating headaches and migraines? Yes, essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, sandal-wood and lavenders are the best of its kind. Their sweet fragrances are very enthralling. You might try these essential oils separately or in mixture. Furthermore, you can use them for massage. They also come in widespread array of forms like candles or soaps. This is just a friendly tip. Before you purchase these scented products, make certain that you test them on your skin. There are essential oils sold that are of low-quality and cheap. These products can only degenerate your headaches and migraines. It is logical that you purchase from trustworthy stores and dealers.

30. Medication

If all these fail, then you can always opt for medication. An aspirin or acetaminophen in the right dosage may aid you decrease the pain. However, home remedies are the superlative when it comes to such pain. So, try to keep away from stress, just relax and have fun.

Dietary recommendations for headache

If you categorically desire to alleviate the issue of headache, then you should have physical workout, optimistic thinking and appropriate dietary plan. It is counseled that patient must take citric juices with water two times a day or after every two hours reasonably from morning 8:00 am to night 8:00 pm each day. The patient should have nourishing diet encompassing fresh fruits, vegetables and dried fruits. Starchy meals including rice, cereals, potatoes and whole wheat bread, oily food, sour buttermilk, condiments and spices should be prohibited from consumption.

Some more tips

If you struggle with tension headaches, it is better to sit in a pitch-black room and sluggishly take in deep breaths via the nose and respire out via the mouth. It can be continued till the individual feels unperturbed. Using a neck pillow will aid to avert lots of morning headaches. They give support to your neck and inhibit headaches which happen owing to the wrong position of sleep. Using sunglasses can also evade headaches since it prevents the individual from squinting which prompts off headache in some individuals. Migraine headaches are both curable and preventable. As a general rule of thumb, drink more water, get sufficient rest, eat abundant fruits and veggies and work out habitually. That should keep the headaches at bay.

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