How To Increase Your Social Media Followers In Less Than Two Weeks

Social media users are extremely competitive. They are continuously competing to get attention, increase their followers, win competitions and achieve a viral video. There is no doubt that if you are going to join a social media platform you will need a competitive edge. With so many people trying to get noticed for some reason or another, you will be in for a challenge. The first step of the process is to draw other users to your social media page and get them to agree to follow you. Now, this is by far from easy, but with the tips listed below it will be possible to increase your followers sustainably in less than two weeks.

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Get To Know Your Audience

You must know exactly what your audience wants to increase your fan base. While many people think they know their audience very well, but the real truth is they do not. You will need to continuously monitor your analytics to determine which content and posts have been most popular. This will give you an idea of exactly what your audience is looking for and want more of.

Be Interactive 

To draw people to your social media page, you will need to be interactive with your current followers. The more content and posts you make, the more likely you can gain new followers. Now, this is the hard part because you are going to need content and posts that are attractive to other social media users. Unique, engaging videos and images are exactly what most users are looking for, but informative content will also work. If you do not have the time spare, you can always buy genuine Instagram followers from

Always Include A Share Button With Each Post

When you post a video, comment or picture on your social media page, you will need to make it sharable. This is possible with a social share button, which must be included with each post. Putting the share button in your sidebar will not allow others to share your posts. So, you may need to download a plugin for this task.

Host Contests And Giveaways 

As mentioned above, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter users are extremely competitive. With this said, if you truly want to entice others to follow you there will be no better way to do it that with contests and giveaways. Make following your Instagram account or liking your page a requirement for entry. You do not need to giveaway a high-ticket item to draw others to your page.

Finding The Hashtags That Work For You

Everybody is taking advantage of hashtags these days. In fact, there is probably a good chance that you have tracked or at least seen several different hashtags since you started using social media. If you really want to dynamically boost your following on Instagram you have to learn how to establish your “core tags” as soon as you start posting. Keep in mind that Instagram only allows you to post 30 hashtags per photo, so you want to make sure that your hashtags target your niche to a tee.

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