8 Ways to Improve User Actions on Your Website

Improve User Actions on Your Website: You have a website for a reason which could be to generate leads or sell a product but if that is not working well then you need to revamp a few site elements which will help in improving the user actions on your site which we have discussed below;

Here are the 8 Ways to Improve User Actions on Your Website

1. Eliminate All Distractions:

It has been observed that if a webpage contains many elements, then it distracts the user from the main objective of the site, hence do not add too many elements on a single page as it may distract the user.

2. Use a Single Call to Action in One Page:

Adding more than one call to action in one page will dilute the effect of it and the user may get confused as to what do you intend them to do on the page hence use only one call to action on the landing page.

3. Repeat the Call to Action in Multiple Places for Long Pages:

If the page is long, then the call to action may get lost due to scrolling hence repeat the same call to action element multiple times on the page to emphasis on signing up

4. Decrease Complexity in Form Filling:

Many times, it happens that users get frustrated filling a long-form and leave it in between. The form you request users to fill should be to the point, avoiding any unnecessary questions. Also, you need to disclose how you are going to use the data you are collecting from the user as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hence take care of data privacy of the users preferably by using professional services so that the users can trust your site which will improve engagement rate.

5. Change the Placement of the Call to Action:

Test different locations for the call to action to figure out which placement brings in more actions and engagement by users.

6. Change the Phrase of the Call to Action:

Using standard phrases such as “subscribe” or “buy now” do work, but you can get creative and use catchy phrases like “buy now to get 20% off”, this will attract more users to take action.

7. Add Testimonials and Social Proof:

Adding testimonials from your previous customers on the site will increase the users’ trust in your brand encouraging them to take action faster similarly portraying the social engagements of your brand in social media will also improve the engagement rate.

8. Give Freebies and Discounts:

This works for every website, whenever people are offered freebies or discounts, they tend to have increased interest in taking action. Hence you can come up with such a scheme for your sign-ups which will definitely improve the rate of action and engagement on the site.

In Conclusion- Update Website Design

You may follow all the tips above but if your website looks like it was designed 10 years ago, then people will leave the site which will only cause fewer sign-ups hence make sure to update the website design and keep updating all the site elements occasionally to improve the sign-up rates.

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