How Voice Assistant Helps To Manage Blog

Blogs have remained popular today. With its ability to reach a much larger audience across the globe, more businesses have turned to blogging. But, aside from businesses, blogging has become an important part of many people’s lives for the purpose of entertainment.

The process may be tedious but, this is a must. Fortunately, every writer and blog manager can now reduce the inconveniences of going through all the processes. With the help of voice assistants, one can assure efficiency and reliability in managing a blog.

Here are some points on how voice assistant helps blog management:

  • Voice Assistants In Managing The Technical Aspects of The Blog

The technical aspects of a blog mainly target the aesthetic and appearance of the site. While the content is essential, the overall appearance of the platform also plays a significant role in attracting the audience and readers. Hence, it is a must for every blog manager to always stay on top of this aspect.

Voice assistants can help you in doing these things:

  • Updating Your Blog Platform

Some systems already have built-in voice assistant features. With their help, you can do a few tweaks to update the platform.

Keep in mind, though, that there are only a few things that this technology could do for you. In the case of updating, you can learn the latest versions of your platform by letting your voice assistant schedule your updating tasks.

While doing the main task of making changes in your system, your voice assistant may give you further instructions and information about other things that will help your activity. Also, you can do some voice shopping on some platforms, especially when looking for the most ideal templates and themes for your blog.

  • Backing Up Your Content

Back-ups are highly essential when running a blog. The task may come as an inconvenient thing for you in the long run, especially if you are also doing the other tasks to manage your blog and platform.

This is where voice assistants come in. Through this technology, some systems already have voice commands that automatically backs-up all of the content materials in your blog. Before you can do this, though, make sure to tailor your blog needs to your voice assistant technology.

  • Voice Assistants in Managing The Content Aspects of The Blog

You may still experience a few rough steps when using voice assistants to help you with the technical aspect of your blog. But, when it comes to the content side, their assistance can largely be experienced.

  • Creating Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is one of the things you must have when managing and running a blog. Scheduling your postings and your activities for the blog is very helpful as it organizes almost everything up to the last detail.

Voice assistants can help you with this. You can relay what you want to do with your working hours and days and let the technology place it on your calendar.

These assistants can also automatically remind you of your schedule. Just make sure to make the necessary settings and configurations to personalize your voice assistant.

  • Optimizing Your Posts

Post optimization is another essential aspect of running a successful blog. Keep in mind that writing a blog post is not enough. You have to do optimization to maximize your reach and your leads.

While voice assistants are nothing like an actual assistant, they can still assist you in performing this task. While filling out custom fields when drafting posts, your voice assistant can give you information about the relevant keywords, which will help you optimize the post, as well as your blog in its entirety. Just make command and it will immediately perform according to your needs.

  • Generating Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger and writer, you will surely experience a few down moments when you could not think of new things and subjects to write. Writer’s block is all too common, so need not to worry.

But, during these moments, your voice assistant could help you generate new ideas. You may leave the job of searching for trends and hot topics to the technology. While giving you a run-down or a list, you can jot down on your own to brainstorm ideas for your next blog post.

You may also command your voice assistant to do the listing on its own. Besides, some platforms have the ability to multi-task.

  • Voice Assistants In Managing The Marketing Aspects Of The Blog

Marketing is another essential tool in ensuring the success of your blog. Without it, limitations in your reach would certainly become apparent. In the long run, this will impact your blog as this is where your audience lies.

Although voice assistants do not have extensive abilities to market your blog directly, there are some ways that this technology may help you in this aspect:

  • Promoting Your Blog Posts

Promotion does not only revolve around posting advertisements. You could well promote your blog by establishing direct relationships with your audience.

With the help of voice assistant technology, you can have your very own 24/7 customer service. While this would mainly assist you in helping your readers and viewers with their queries, you can integrate some promotions with the help of the technology.

As conversations would go during servicing, you may program the assistant to give out a few advertising information toward the audience who engages with them. Through it, you can expand your reach, aside from the traditional way of doing promotion.

  • Submitting Your Blog to Directories

As mentioned, voice assistant technology still has a long way to go. Nevertheless, this innovation can already help you with the marketing aspect of the blog.

One effective way to market your blog and your platform is to submit your site to directories. While some voice assistants do not have the ability to submit the information on their own, they could help you draw up a list of the most appropriate and related blogs where you can submit your site.


All in all, voice technology has already come a long way since their arrival. Although the innovation needs more time to develop its reach and ability, you can already maximize them in helping you with your blog.

There are tons of available voice assistants today. Almost all tech company now offers this kind of technology. Hence, make sure to consider all the factors that may affect your overall usage. In the end, though, here are only some of the points on how they can help you in managing a blog.

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