How To Start A Blog In 2022 {Step By Step Guide}

Welcome to A2SEOTools. Are you thinking to start a blog in 2022?

Beginners who are interested in starting a blog, that time, they don’t have enough knowledge to start a blog ideally. 

They face many problems when they start a blog. They don’t know the proper way to start a blog.

That’s why I thought of making a full guide for beginners. So that they do not face any difficulty to start their own blog.

 I will show you the easiest way and step by step to starting your blog from scratch. 

Now I am going to show you 8 steps to start your own blog with the help of this guide.

  • Step 1: Choose a Niche For Blog as per your expertise
  • Step 2: Choose a Specific blogging platform (Blogger or wordpress)
  • Step 3: Choose a best suitable  domain for your blog
  • Step 4: Choose a best quality hosting service for your blog
  • Step 5: setup your blog on WordPress
  • Step 6: Choose a  perfect theme for your blog
  • Step 7: Install the essential  plugin for your blog
  • Step 8: Write and publish posts on your blog
  • Step 9: Optimize your post by Yoast
  • Step 10: promote your blog to get traffics

Step 1: Choose a Niche For Blog as per your expertise

Before starting a blog the most important thing and the first step is choosing a niche for your blog. Niche is a single topic that will help to get success earlier.

You should choose a profitable niche in which you have enough knowledge to write the best quality article.

When you are going to choose a niche, you should prioritize your interest. So that you can write unlimited articles from your niche.

Choosing a niche by your interest will help a lot in your blogging career and that will help you to become a successful blogger.

Niche blogging is easy to get success and easy rank on the google search engine and monetize your blog.

Now the question is how to choose a perfect and profitable niche?

You can choose your niche by…

  • Identify your blogging interests and passions
  • Identify the problem that you can solve
  • Research your competition
  • Identify the profitability of your blogging niche

Step 2: Choose A Blogging Platform

This is the most important and first thing to do for starting a blog for beginners.

Two types of blogging platforms are available right now one is free platforms and other paid.

There are many blogging platforms available like WordPressbloggerWixJoomlaTumblr, etc.

Among them, the most popular platforms are…

WordPress– This is the most popular software or tool and self-hosted blogging platform. Here you have full control of your blog.

Blogger– This is an own google platform that is totally free. Blogger is in control of Google. It has limitations in terms of use and customization.

Advantages of WordPress

  • It’s a self-hosted platform and you are the owner of the blog.
  • Here you have the full freedom to use and customize.
  • Have a huge plugin and theme to modify your blog according to you.
  • Have enough videos or guides to solve any problem with WordPress.
  • This is free to use no need to charge any pay.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • WordPress is a self-hosted platform, you need to buy hosting.
  • You have to buy a domain to start your blog.
  • The security and performance depend on you and it will be managed by you.

Advantages of blogger

  • Google is controlling blogger security, no need to worry about it.
  • You will get a free subdomain on the blogger.
  • You will get unlimited hosting to handle millions of traffic.

Disadvantages of blogger

  • Blogger owned by Google, you are not the owner of the blog
  • Blogger has limitations to edit and customize your blog.
  • Don’t have options to use plugins to modify blog.

Here I have shown you the advantages and disadvantages of blogger and WordPress platforms. Now it’s up to you to choose your blogging platform.

But, I recommend you for a paid blog with with a very reliable web host and domain.

After choosing your platform, it’s time to start your blog….

Step 3: How To Choose A Good  Domain

Choosing a domain name is the most important part of your blog.

Try to choose your domain name wisely. A perfect domain name will help you to grow your blog.

So, Try to choose your domain by the following guide…

Research:- you need to do proper research before choosing your domain. A perfect domain name can help you in many ways.

Pronounce:- Try to choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce and remember and the name shouldn’t be too long.

Use keyword:- Choose a domain name that is related to your main keyword so that people can understand the topic of your blog. For example: if you want to start with a technology blog, then the name should be related to technology.

Top-level extension:-There are many domain extensions available like, .org, .net, .com, .info etc. Try to choose a top-level domain extension for your domain to make it a brand. ‘.com’ is the top and the perfect extension

Step 4: Choose A Good Hosting Service

Hosting is a way to get your blog online.

Website Hosting is the most important thing of any blog. Your blog data will be stored in your hosting service.

Hosting is a significant thing for your blog because your blog performanceloading speed, and handling traffic all are dependent on your hosting plan or service.

Nowadays, Google doesn’t rank a slow loading speed website. People also don’t like to visit a slow site.

If your blog is slow to load then you may lose your traffic day by day. So, you need to buy a good hosting company service.

There are many hosting provider companies have now. I will recommend to you two hosting services that are the best.

  1. SiteGround
  2. Bluehost

Now let’s move on How To Buy A Hosting Plan With The Siteground. 

Most of the bloggers prefer a Siteground for beginners. This hosting has well loading speedperformance, and best customer service.

Beginners face many problems when they start a blog. Siteground has the best customer service to solve any problems within a short time.

To get siteground hosting first, you need to visit the siteground website. Then choose the hosting plan you need.

There is four hosting plan are available…

  1. Reliable web hosting
  2. Managed WordPress hosting
  3. High-performance Woocommerce hosting
  4. Auto scalable cloud hosting

As a beginner, I recommend choosing reliable web hosting. Three types of reliable hosting plans are available…

  1. StartUp plan– (Crafted for a Great Web Start)
  2. GrowBig– (Crafted for Your Web Growth)
  3. GoGeek– (Crafted for Real Web Geeks)

Choose one from here and click on “Get Plan”.  I recommend you for the GrowBig plan as a beginner.

After choosing the ”GroBig” plan, it’s time to check your domain availability. 

To check availability enter your domain name whatever you want in the checkbox.

If the domain is not available, then modify and check again. If the domain is available, then click on proceed.

If you already have a domain then put your domain name and proceed.

After proceeding, it’s time to pay for your host. Here you need to fill your information about…

  • Account Information
  • Client Information
  • Payment Information
  • Purchase Information

After filling all the information, you have to tick on Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then click on pay Now.

Siteground will show you a successful message after payment and they will be sent an email to your mail to confirm.

That’s all, it’s time to set up your blog.

Step 5: Setup Your Blog On WordPress

After completing your purchase, click on Proceed To Customer Area. Then you will be redirected to your siteground account.

On your account, you will see a button that has a text set up site. Click on the ”setup site” button.

Then you will be redirected to add a new website page. Here you have to select two things…

1.Start New Website

After selecting these two things, then you have to set up your login details. Here put your email and password.

You have to log in to your WordPress admin panel by this email and password. So, have to remember this password and email.

After filling in the complete details, then click on the ”continue button’’. Then the Siteground will be creating your website.

Now it is time to visit your site and admin panel.

To visit your website you need to enter your domain name on the browser address bar.

If you want to enter your admin dashboard you need to write [/wp-admin] after your domain name.

This is your WordPress dashboard and you can control your website from your dashboard.

Configure Some Important Settings

Change Your Username for admin:

You need to change this for your website security to keep safe from the hackers

Go to your dashboard then click on the “Users” button from the left sidebar column of your dashboard.

Here create a new user by clicking on the “Add new” button and delete the existing user id.

Put your usernameemailpassword, and choose an administrator for the role to get the full power of your site.

Then click on the “Add new user” button to complete the username and password process. Then you are done.

Remember this username and password to login to your website dashboard.

Choose a permalink Structure:

Permalinks id the structure of your posts or pages.

This will help to make your post or page SEO friendly so that users and search engines can understand your post easily.

To change permalink go to Settings> Permalinks and select your link by the post name.

Now you have to click on the “save changes’’ button. Then you are done.

Setup general settings:

Here, you have the option to add your Site Title. Add your site title in the title box.

Have a tagline box to explain in a few words what this site is about

You will see the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) and do not these two URLs.

If your correct email not provided here, then you can submit your correct email address in the email box.

Step 6: Choose A  Perfect Theme For Your Blog

After completing set up your blog, it’s time to choose a perfect theme for your blog according to category.

To activate a theme on your WordPress blog, you need to go to your dashboard and click on ’’appearance’’ then theme.

After clicking on the theme, now time to add a new theme in your blog. Then click on add new to add a new theme.

Here you have two options to add a theme…

Upload theme by you:- if you buy a theme or download a theme, then you must have a zip file theme. You need to click on Upload Theme, then click on choose file and choose your theme file and click on install to upload. 

Choose a theme from the store:- there are many free themes available in the theme store. You can use these free themes by clicking on install and active.

This is the proper way that you can install a theme on your blog by using these two steps.

Step 7: Install The Essential  Plugin For Your Blog

After installing a theme on your blog, now it’s time to install the essential plugins for your blog.

The plugin used to increase the new features and functionality to your blog. This is very helpful for the blog owner to add any extra features.

To install a plugin to your blog, go to the dashboard and click on plugins >add new to upload or install plugins.

Here I have given some most important plugin that will help to start a blog perfectly.

  1. Yoast SEO:- Yoast is one of the best SEO plugin recommended by WordPress. I will help you with on-page SEO and creating a sitemap for your blog.
  2. Jetpack:- This is a plugin that has several features or tools to add to your blog. It has many features like spam protectionbackupsRelated PostsSharingsite statscontact form, and many other things.
  3. Akismet:- This is an anti-spam plugin and it has a free version that’s enough for beginners. It will help you to prevent spam comments on your blog.
  4. Social Snap:- This Plugin is used as a social sharing plugin. It will help you to share your content on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and LinkedIn.
  5. Contact Form 7:- This is a contact form creator plugin. This plugin will help you to create a contact us page on your blog to contact the blog owner. 
  6. Wordfence Security:- Wordfence is a security plugin for your website. It will help you to keep your website secure from hackers.
  7. SG Optimizer:- This is a free WordPress caching plugin. It will optimize your website and increase your website speed.

Step 8: Write And Publish Posts On Your Blog

Finally, we have set up our blog.

After installing all the important plugins on the blog.

It’s time to write and publish your first blog post that you have in your mind.

To add a post on your blog click on Posts> Add New from the menu items.

Here you can write your first post.

Here are some settings to write and publish a post that will help to publish with good structure.

  • Status and visibility
  • Permalink
  • Categories
  • Discussion
  • Layout

First, you need to put your awesome title on the title box. Then go to the writing section to write your post.

To write a proper and SEO friendly post, you need to take help from the Yoast SEO plugin.

The Yoast SEO plugin will help to make your post SEO friendly and will help you to rank your post on google.

Step 9: Optimize Your Post By Yoast

Previous step we have installed the Yoast plugin.

Youst is one of the most popular and best search engine optimizer plugin.

To optimize your post by Yoast, click on ’’edit’’ and go to the bottom of your post.

Here you will see an option called Yoast click on that to optimize your post for google search engine.

Here you will see some options…

Focus keyphrase:- Here, you have to put your targeted keyword or focus keyword on ranking for this keyword.

Google preview:- It means how this post will show on google search engine according to mobile and desktop. 

SEO analysis:- Here, Yoast will show some instructions to make your post SEO friendly and follow them properly to rank.

Readability analysis:- Readability is a measure of how easily a text is read. Here Yoast will give you some instructions and follow them to write a readability post.

Social preview:- Here, you will see a preview of how it will look if people share this post on Facebook.

Step 10: Promote Your Blog To Get Traffics

Finally, we have completed creating our blog.

After creating a website, the first thing is to promote your blog.

Promoting a blog is a faster way to get traffic on the new blog which is not getting traffic from the search engine.

After publishing the blog post, you should promote your post because it brings instant traffic to the blog.

There are many ways to promote a blog. Social media is the best platform for promoting a blog on the first stage.

Some of the most popular platforms are…

Facebook:- The first and most popular social media platform is Facebook.

You can create a page and group for your blog on Facebook without any cost to grow your blog.

Share your blog posts on your Facebook page and group to get instant traffic to your blog.

Twitter:- Twitter is also a popular social media platform like Facebook to get instant traffic.

Here you need to gain some followers which are related to your niche.

Then share your post on your Twitter account. Then you will be getting traffic from your twitter.

But, you need to be active on your Twitter account to get traffic continuously.

Youtube:- Youtube is the most popular and powerful video content platform.

Nowadays the time has changed and people like video content more than text content. People understand better by video content.

From here you have a chance to get a lot of traffic to your blog.

So, youtube is the biggest opportunity to promote your blog on youtube.

If you don’t have a youtube channel yet, don’t miss creating a channel to promote your blog and to make a good authority.

Quora:- This is a popular and biggest question and answering platform.

Quora is the best platform for instant traffic for new blogs to grow within a short time.

Here some people ask their questions, and some people answer other people’s problems.

You need to create a profile here then start answering other people’s questions and put your blog link there.

In this way, you can get a lot of instant traffic from the quora site.

If you have not started with quora yet, I highly recommend you to start with quora to grow blog easily.


In this post, I have tried to guide you on how to start a blog website step by step. you can easily make your own blog by following this 10 simple guide.

if you have any questions about this, please leave a comment on the comment section below.

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