How To Make Online Money From CPM Program

Previously I had to review articles that contain information about the site CPM reliable, best and proven to pay, one of the few sites that CPM is Yllix Media, now in this post I will provide additional information on CPM website, complete with how to register and earn money from the Media Yllix sites.

Yllix Media is a program PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Chose Per Mille) is an advertising program that pays a commission to the publisher or outsourcer per click and per thousand impressions (ad views), certainly in this program we will get a commission from advertising that we put though no ad click though, about the commission Yllix Media program provides a commission of 0.35 USD (equivalent Rp3800) every 1,000 impressions or ad views.

Compared with other CPM program like Adhexa and CPX24, CPM program Yllix Media has a display ad that is diverse and interesting, so in addition to making money advertising, advertising that your post will also enhance the look of your blog later.

Okay, now for who are still interested in joining the CPM program from this site, here is how to register and make money from the site Yllix CPM Media, please refer to and follow good either.

How to register and make money from Yllix

1. The very first step is please visit the site, just click the link then automatically your browser will open the site in a new window.

2. After that please click on “Register as a publisher” to register as a publisher site ad Yllix Media.

3. Next fill up your name and email address

4. If you have done now please click “Create Account“, now you’ve successfully created an account please click on the activation link sent to your email address to activate your account yllix completely.

5. If you have activated the activation link sent via email you then automatically redirect to Log In page of Yllix Media.

6. Please click “COMPLETE REGISTRATION” and fill up all the necessary information to complete the registration process.

7. If you have please make ads of your style and click to “Get Ad Tag” for your blog to start generate making money process from CPM program Ylllix Media.

8. Finish.

Now the procedures of registering and making money from CPM program Yllix Media is done, admin hope after you read this article you are able to get additional revenue from the blog that you manage through the program Yllix CPM Media. Oh yes, since the withdrawal of the CPM program payments using Paypal account for you who do not have please make in advance.

Such information I can tell, if you have any questions or just want to express an opinion in accordance with the content related to article on how to register and make money from CPM Yllix Media program please write this in the comments field, Thank You so much for visiting.

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