List of Top 7 Hotel Booking Sites 2022

Traveling is not only about exploring places and destination but it will alleviate you to know more about yourself. In this rainy season, the beauty of most of the forest zones is on the peak. So, don’t you want to roam with exclusive travel offers? Digital deeds like online transaction, searching for relevant places and hotels, and online booking is just on the tip of your fingers. Even in the era of the smartphone, every thoughts and access to the world have become handy to you.

Here is the List of Best Hotel Booking Sites 2022


MakeMyTrip is a simplified version of the process of planning your vacations from flight to hotels with searching routes to re-plan your trip. The application on google play store is regarded with good ratings of four stars. Even it has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

You can conveniently book your flights, hotels and plan your destination with exclusive offers on home sitting. It is affiliated with a large number of tourism organizations. They will not only facilitate on a single point of your journey but you will be helped from bookings of tickets to hotel bookings. You will get notified about the status of your all bookings which is very fast and secure.

2. Goibibo

Goibibo offers you a hassle free path to regulate your trip with fun and excitement every new place without any worry of bookings. The Goibibo application for android users has received four ratings. The number of downloads counted for this app on google play store is above ten million.

The key factor which attracts you for Goibibo is that it will help you to manage your budget by availing cheap fares and packages. Although you have low budget still you can enjoy your vacations with Goibibo. Users are loving it for its good customer support and best deal among its competitors.


OYO hotels are well renowned as OYO also, it is an Indian hotel brand started by young CEO Ritesh Agarwal and currently operates in more than two hundred cities of India, Malaysia, and Nepal. OYO has over 70,000 branded rooms in hotels with affordable stays.

OYO offers you a room within your budget in multiple cities. You can grab travel offers with affordable accommodation as per your budget. On google play store, the app has gained more than four rating with 118,508 Android users. Most of the users frequently use OYO for booking hotels out of their towns. The users are appreciating this startup for great problem resolving aspects and affordable packages.

4. Yatra

Yatra is offering convenience by their service to vacation and business travelers. They are offering you every facility like from booking of buses, flights, trains, and hotels to activities and holiday planning with superior ease. Yatra app on google play receives very good ratings. It is rated 4.4 stars by 189, 643 users.

It is online Indian travel agency with the online platform on website and application form. The features start from flight, train and bus bookings to hotel bookings, homestays and cabs ride booking. Even they do have full on travel packages with different travel offers. The key factor about them is effective online booking because they have a large number of contacts with tourism organizations.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is a facility not only to book your tickets and rooms but they are also booking your ease, needs and comfort. Even they are offering you a chance to earn by working as a host. Airbnb app on google play store has gained good ratings of 4.3 stars with 166,651 users.

It was established in Aug 2008 by Brian Chesky. They are availing short-term lodging and rental stays and facilities like home to their customer. It is a new breed of alternatives to hotels during travel in this competitive market.

It is a marketplace where real people who are the owner of the house will avail vacant rooms during their presence and absence. The facility of apartment rentals, hostel beds and rooms is provided around 191 countries with 65k cities and 4 million homes. You are not only booking home for you rather booking experiences. This experience will worth of your time and money.

6. TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor is an American travel website company which was established in 2000 by Stephen Kaufer. Its work is complementary to its name, they advise you whole and sole plan of your voyage from flight to hotel bookings with suggestions for good food and place to explore.

The important function of this site is that you can easily get acknowledge that what other customers have opinions regarding hotels, restaurant, and famous places. Users are very satisfied with this website because of the feedback provided by other customers like them who have gone through that experience.

TripAdvisor are doing great in business of planning holidays with super ease. You can watch photos, videos and reviews about different destinations. The key feature you can compare prices for bookings of flights and hotels for your travel place.

TripAdvisor is been successful in receiving the trust of customers. It has gained excellent ratings on google play store with 4.4 stars. Till now, 1,064,689 users have their accounts on this android application.


As by its name, they are in the business of booking hotels with perfect facilities. is offering you lower prices which is maintained with privacy to their users. It has received a very good rating on google play store with 4.5 stars. There are about 230,428 users on this website who have their accounting and get benefited with its service which just swaps away.

It is a website in e-commerce which is all about booking hotels through online or offline mode by telephone. It is one of the older platforms for booking hotels which was established in 1991 by Johan Svanstrom. It has 85 websites in 34 languages and over 325,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 locations. This has been a place for hotels whichever in chains and individuals.

Final say

These online platforms with application and websites will definitely result into your ease and comfort. You can get rid of hastiness of bookings of your hotels and flights for your vacations. What you have to do is just enjoy the company of your family, friends, and partners.

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