How to Deal with On-Demand Passwords in Yahoo Mail

Can On-Demand Passwords in Yahoo Mail Account be Dealt? – On-demand password in the Yahoo account, on the first course, might puzzle any user a bit. But it can work out very well for anyone if implemented on a regular basis. The regular accessibility using the Yahoo account key received on your smartphone device can be considered as a secure method. With the huge probability of permanent Yahoo password getting compromised every now and then by hackers to steal information from the webmail account, a unique access key generated every time upon login into Yahoo account, diminish the malicious login attempts to a huge extent.

Are On-Demand Auto-Generated Passwords Really Effective?

The on-demand password in the form of Yahoo account key is generated through Y! App installed on the mobile device. This auto-generated password provided to the user upon every login attempt is always unique as it never gets repeated. This new password entered to access Yahoo account on every attempt, reduces the chance of hacking or any kind of malicious activity.

With on-demand password feature newly-introduced in Yahoo mail, it enhances the level of security. It is sent to the user via a message or through notification received in App. The password generated through app never gets repeated and the users only have information about it. This is valid for the next 10 minutes or so, upon getting generated. Users are advised, not to disclose this auto-generated password.

As Yahoo App installed on the smartphone device is often used to generate on-demand passwords, there is no chance of forgetting the password or same getting compromised all of the sudden by scammers to conduct malicious activity. This auto-generated password used during every login attempt is the secure way to login to your account.

What if the Smartphone Device Gets Misplaced?

There are some instances when a user misplaces his/her phone device, there is a chance that anybody can access the Yahoo account, only if he is successful in unlocking the device by breaking the shackles of security code or pattern. The user needs to be smart enough as he/she should be quite aware of changing the phone number that is linked to a Yahoo account to receive an on-demand password for successful accessibility of Yahoo email messages.

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How to Enable On-Demand Password Functionality in Yahoo! Mail

There are certain steps to enable on-demand password accessing Yahoo mail that helps in generating random passwords, which are completely unique and does not resemble with each other.

  • Open on your desktop and enter the login details
  • Upon accessing Yahoo mail dashboard successfully, click on the name seen in the top right corner of the Yahoo mail.
  • As you click the same, the account info link that appears in the drop down menu.
  • Now navigate to the option ‘Account security’ option.
  • As the option is clicked upon, the user is asked to enter the current yahoo account password in the box shown below.
  • Upon validating the ownership of the Yahoo account, the Get started link is displayed under on- demand password.
  • Proceed with the on-demand password setup by clicking the link.
    Provide the phone number in the box on which you can safely receive the unique password on every login attempt.
  • The code is sent through SMS on the phone device that is supposed to be entered in place of a password.
  • Click on the Submit code to access the Yahoo email account as it completely nullifies the importance of password that was supposed to be an important login credential without which email account accessibility is not possible

You can easily disable the ON-demand password and start using the old password as before. But do not forget to turn on 2- step verification as it also plays a similar role to send the one-time password on your mobile device at the time of Yahoo account access.

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