Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) – Tips to Save Money And Improve Efficiency

Are you trying to improve the efficiency of your production line, reduce scrapped components, and improve your quality assurance process, but your shop has a limited budget for new metrology equipment? A used coordinate measuring machine dealer can help your shop introduce state of the art technology at a fraction of the price for a new machine.

If you’re going to buy used metrology equipment, an independent metrology dealer is your best bet for finding the right machine, especially as you can also rely on them to perform any upgrades or retrofits you may need to make sure the equipment fits your production line. For a large catalog of used coordinate measuring machines, is a great resource for seeing what kinds of machines are available used today.

There are a few things you should know Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

  • the size of the components you have will determine the minimum volume of the machine you buy
  • touch probes are standard measurement tools, but if you manufacture components that cannot be contacted directly, you will need laser scanners or an optical solution
  • if you plan to inspect large sample sizes you may want a machine that allows you to inspect automatically, but you can save time on programming by inspecting manually if you’re using small sample sizes for small production runs

Besides these factors, there’s also the software to keep in mind. Used coordinate measuring machines that come with their computer intact will often have obsolete OEM software installed. Sometimes, the manufacturer no longer even updates its software, though some offer OEM updates. However, you may

want to consider PC-DMIS as a software with widespread compatibility across brand names. For a full list of machines that will run PC-DMIS, allowing your machines to communicate seamlessly between each other, check here. PC-DMIS software for a used coordinate measuring machine, especially non-OEM, can be purchased from an independent metrology dealer like CMM.

Some More Thing About Coordinate Measuring Machine

Finally, don’t forget training – the last thing you want is to a purchase coordinate measuring machine, have it arrive on the shop floor, and then realize that your staff doesn’t know the first thing about programming or operating one. Advanced programming skills such as looping, variables, and subroutines, to list just a few, can require several levels of training. You can find E-learning packages for many PC-DMIS software packages from CMM, including CAD and Portable, allowing you train staff in-house through video tutorials and testing.

A coordinate measuring machine can change the way that you do business; you can promise your clients better quality assurance on a tighter deadline, you can save money by reducing scrap and save time by limiting rework hours. You may also want to consider portable arms, vision systems and laser scanners to introduce inline inspection, giving you the power to collect real time measurements and detect machine tool drift and defects as they happen. Talk to a Machinery Dealers National Association-member metrology dealer about your objectives for your shop and they will walk you through the technology required to make it a reality. You can be more efficient, more competitive, and more productive with the right equipment. Don’t get left behind by the competition busy introducing better inspection tools; invest in a coordinate measuring machine this year.

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