Best 8 Free and Paid Form Builder Plugins for WordPress 2022

Form Builder Plugins – Forms are an essential part of each website as it provides a way for readers to interact with website owners. Having a form on a website encourages the users to contact the administrator for sharing ideas or to give feedback. WordPress has a large collection of plugins that are specifically created to make it easy to create a form.

Having a right form plugin is essential for every website. In this article, I will review the top free and paid WordPress form creator plugins.

Top Best Form Builder Plugins for WordPress

Gravity Forms (Paid) :

Gravity Forms is widely popular because of its intuitive backend and plethora of options. It has been installed on more than one million websites. It’s is pretty easy to create a form by using the drag and drop builder. You also get options like the ability to limit the number of submissions, advanced fields like currency, schedule posts, and conditional logic for hiding/showing fields depending upon user input.

The only place you will find Gravity forms lacking is the form designer. It lacks an inbuilt form designer and you have to manually add CSS to change the colors etc. However, you can take advantage of free Gravity Forms designer plugin from WordPress repository. This plugin has more than 100+ options to customize the design of Gravity forms.

The pricing for Gravity forms is $39 and you can also purchase business and developer license.

Contact Form 7 (Free):

Contact form 7 has more than 18 million downloads from WordPress plugin repository and it’s completely free to use. It comes with features like Captcha, Ajax Powered forms, Akismet and lot more. The backend can be a little tricky as you need to copy/paste the field code in form container to add it.

There are certain areas in which Contact Forms 7 lags behind its competitors. It doesn’t have inbuilt conditional logic so you need to rely on jQuery for it and it is difficult to change field position because you need to cut and paste the code in correct position.

Formidable Forms (Free/Paid):

Formidable Form is a great alternative for Gravity Forms as it also comes with advanced features like drag and drop builder. It also has its own widget which can be used to embedded forms in sidebar or footer section of the website. There is also an inbuilt style which is lacking in Gravity Forms

If you want more options then you can purchase Formidable Forms Pro for $47 and get access to features like integration with services like GetResponse MailChimp, Aweber, Highrise, Twilio for SMS, WPML, Zapier, PayPal etc , conditional logic for sending emails, generate graphs and stats based on user input and access to more advanced fields like rich text , hidden fields etc.

QuForm (Paid) :

Quform lets you create sophisticated forms within minutes with its 15 inbuilt elements. You can create unlimited forms with its live builder. You also get access to 3 inbuilt themes with 5 different colors. If you don’t like the design of inbuilt themes then you can also create your own theme. It is compatible with all popular browser and available in 9 different languages.

You can create responsive forms and use Google’s new reCAPTCHA, the honeypot or simple image captcha to prevent spam submissions. Quform can be purchased for $29.

Ninja Forms (Free) :

Ninja forms is free WordPress plugin and it has over 2 million downloads. It comes with features like unlimited forms, set required fields, 4 anti spam options, ability to enable ajax on forms so that they can be submitted without page refresh and a lot more. It also has more than dozen fields and the latest version will come with a drag and drop builder.

Fast Secure Contact Form (Free) :

This form builder plugin has more than 6 million downloads and comes with tabbed backend interface to create forms. You can easily add/remove and reorder fields. You can use antispam features and redirect users to another URL after successful submission. Inbuilt fields include text, text area, checkbox, checkbox-multiple, radio, select, select-multiple, attachment, date, time, hidden, password, and fieldset.

It lacks drag and drop form builder which has become a must-have featured these days. Other than this it is a great plugin.

JetPack (Free):

JetPack for WordPress is a popular plugin that connects your website with your account. It has more than 22 million downloads and 1 million active installs. Once you are connected to your account you get access to multiple features like visitor stats, short links, additional widgets and much more. You also get access to form creator module and it can be enabled from JetPack settings.

After it is enabled you will get an option in post editor to add a form. You can create basic forms with multiple fields like text area, text, Email etc.

It lacks drag and drop feature and there is no widget support. So, the forms cannot be added in sidebar or footer area.

GuiForm (Free):

GuiForm is a new form builder plugin and features a drag and drop builder. It has inbuilt collection of 16 fields which can be used in form container along with ability to set message/Url on successfully submission of form. All the forms created using GuiForm are fully responsive and previewed live. It also supports ajax so the page doesn’t refresh on form submission.

If you want to capture user data then it allows you to have user’s IP address, Operating System, Browser name and Date of submission.


Finding the perfect form builder for your website is a little tricky task. There is no one-stop solution and you have to check the features of all of the above plugins to see which one will work out best for you. The motive of this article was to make you aware of the best form builder plugins which are available for WordPress.

I will highly recommend you to try Ninja Forms or free versions of Formidable forms before you decide to pay for Gravity Forms or Quform.

In the comments section below let us know which plugin you use on your website and why you opted for it.

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