A study week point on conventional medical treatments disease of heart

January 24, 2022 Nicholas Musgrove Leave a Comment on A study doubts on conventional medical treatments of heart disease
People have coronary artery disease increasing day by day. Many scientific tests are taking place to cure the disease. Recent studies say that a healthy lifestyle with proper medication can be better than getting a stunt operation or bypass surgery. Scientists from NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Stanford University submitted this research over the weekend at American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions conference. This research was conducted over 5,000 patients. All the patients have done with stent operation and lifestyle changes along with regular medication. Researchers discovered that having a stent did not lower the risk, but the lifestyle changes did.

Dr Tara Narula said that having bypass surgery or a stent will not increase the life span, but the symptoms of the chest pain will reduce for a better feeling. According to a survey, nearly 1 million coronary stents are implementing each year in the U.S. These stents will open the blocked artery and increases the blood flow. As per the study, called ISCHEMIA states that there is no reduced risk of cardiac arrest even after then stent. It is better to maintain a healthy life choice and prescribed medication to ease the pain. A similar kind of research was held 12 years ago, but it got critiqued then.

Elliott Antman, a cardiologist at Brigham, praised the ISCHEMIA study. She states that the investigation is an extraordinary study people will always remember and appreciate. She added that this study involves rigors and sophisticated analyses. ISCHEMIA research says that the early approach for stent will not protect the patient from the heart attack and will only reduce chest pain. A stent is inserted into the blood vessels of the arm or groin through a catheter that has changed the transformed heart medicine. This became a debate for many years, and some say stents are no better than drugs, and some argue that the proper use of stents will saves lives. However, stent production is a million-dollar business.

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