7 Home Automation Apps To Manage Your Home

From security to lighting and heating control, you can use technology to remotely control different parameters in your home. There are apps you can pair with devices to control things like lighting, temperature, and even monitor events happening while you are away. With many apps in the App Store and Google Play that support home automation, you may not know which can be suitable for your home.

To make the search easy for you, here are 7 of the best home automation apps that will help you to manage events:

1. SmartThings

This is an application that turns your smartphone to a remote control that can manage different items in your home. The company offers a kit that you could buy that comes with sensors that you simply connect to your devices to enable the control. It could be used on different devices including your coffeemaker and garbage door, and it allows you to monitor them and also control how they work from your phone.

2. Ninja Blocks

Ninja Blocks is categorized under Internet of Things. These are small cloud-enabled computers that receive signal from sensors that are able to react accordingly. The engine of the app allows you to create apps for the way your home behaves, and you don’t need any programming knowledge for this. They also offer a starter kit that you could learn about on house tipster to see how to improve your home. The kit works the same way as SmartThings.

3. WeMo

This is a handy device that can turn things in your house. It will help you turn off your iron when you forget to do so, and for it to work you only need a little device that you connect to the wall. It even allows you to place appliances on a schedule, so you could instruct the app to turn the coffee maker on every morning so you wake up to a cup at 7 a.m.

4. Savant TrueControl

Savant was among the first home automation companies to come up with an entire platform that works on Apple’s OS. The TrueControl app works together with a home automation system to provide two-way control where one machine (your savant gear) speaks to another (your iPad). This makes operation easy and fast.

5. Nest

Nest gives you different capabilities including the use of a thermostat that can help you to manage temperatures around your home. Download the app to access the simple control of temperature in your home. You can schedule temperature control to ensure when you are away the system does not consume power.

6. Control4MyHome

With the Control4YourHome app, you can connect your lighting, manage security, entertainment, and energy around your home. All this you can do on your phone , and you can integrate the technology to ensure you are able to monitor everything in the environment. You could use it to shut down consoles and see what your child is doing from your phone.

7. ADT Pulse

Available free on Android and iOS, the ADT Pulse app helps you to protect and manage your abode at home and away from home. You can set the system to send you text messages or emails when events happen in your home. It also comes with efficiency control capabilities that control thermostats and lighting.

Technology has been at the forefront making homes better. There are different applications and devices you could use to ensure you are able manage your home remotely. These include applications that help you to manage temperatures and those that ensure your home is automated for energy efficiency. Also, consider automation apps that work to help in monitoring your home.

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