7 Biggest Blogging Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid in 2022

If you recently started a blog or you are thinking to start a blog then this article is going to be very helpful for you. In this article i’ve talked about the 7 common biggest blogging mistakes which was done by every new blogger (i have also done the same) and because of these mistakes they can’t able to earn they can’t able to grow.

So today i am going to share you the common mistakes which was done by new bloggers and it’s solutions. So read the full article and after that you are going to be successful. When i started my first blog i didn’t knew about SEO , Backlinks etc , I was also like you in the beginning but when the time lapse i learned from my mistakes.

The 7 Mistakes every Beginners Make in Blogging

Before start I must say if you avoid these mistakes i am 100% sure that you are going to earn money and if you already doing then your earning is going to be increased

1. No Hardwork Mentality/Attitude

  • Most of the new bloggers think that if somehow they will get the content from somewhere or if anyone could give them a full article so they’ll just publish it or someone give them keywords , ideas etc. If your mentality is like this, Then i must say blogging is not for you. There is nothing in this world which can be obtained by without a hardwork , If you don’t want to work day night in blogging , then bro it’s really hard for you to make blogging a full time carrier.
  • You need a full dedication in order to achieve success. If you do the things this way then no one can be able to stop you. And if you think that you will write 2 article and then you will copy the other 4 ones and earn money then i must really say blogging is not for you. So please avoid this thing.

2. Success Without Investment

  • Many new bloggers without investing any single penny thought that they would earn for free , if a guy in video said that , gave guidance or they read in an article the techniques of blogging , they think if they implement the same things in their free blog then they will get the same results. Maybe they would earn 1$ , 2$ 20$, but they never would reach that higher level in blogging and never able to take blogging as a carrier.
  • Investment doesn’t mean you need to buy a house or a car you just need 45$. You just need a domain or hosting. I personally recommend you Hostinger. Hostinger provides you a very good hosting in a very cheap rate.

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If you are a complete beginner and have problem of budget then you must go with hostinger.If you think that if you invest 50$ then you will get 100$ in return in just 10 days then you are totally wrong. You need to give time , have patience , do hardwork and you will get results 🙂

3. Earning Without Learning

  • Every new blogger thought if they copy or post 1-2 articles they will start earning. Nobody thinks that “i just get something to learn”. If somebody make an video or published an article then we should learn from them and whenever i start my blog or any other online earning source it’ll help me to grow. Have you ever think this way ?
  • On my previous website i published around 140 articles about blogging , and i got traffic around 40k peoples but only 10-20 peoples actually work on that strategy and implement that things for real and on the other hand many threw it away and always trying to find any shortcut.
  • If you are thinking that you can earn money without learning then you are all wrong. If you come here then first start learning then start implementing it on your own blog. i’ve been sharing my experience with you because i don’t want you to do the same mistakes that i did and if you are avoiding my tips then bro i really don’t know weather you can do this or not.

4. Monetization First Mentality

  • Before starting a blog and even before setup a blog even before buying a hosting , many new bloggers thinks only about monetizing their blog that’s it. If your mentality is like this then i must say you are not going to survive for long in this field.
  • Ok let’s assume that you get the adsense approval and place ads on your blog , but bro the starting days are the growth days your traffic are not gonna be stay longer on your blog if you just place ads ads and ads on your blog. It’ll increase your bounce rate and decrease your audience retention and affect your blog stats.

5. No Matrics (Analytics) Analysis

  • Many peoples create their account on google analysis or any other analysis tool but after creation they never make any effort to improve it or try to open that analysis account again. If someone they open their analysis account and saw 1-2 peoples they leave that as it is.
  • You need to analyze your site that what is the thing which is helping in improving of your website and are other drawbacks. Content making etc is only the 40% on an blog the rest is analysis , keyword research and the good SEO for ranking in google.

6. Only Planning – No Execution

  • Many of new bloggers and who are thinking to start a blog , the main issue is they is thinking from the past few years they are watching videos , reading articles , buying course gaining knowledge but afraid to start implementing.
  • What is the use of knowledge ? if you didn’t implement them ? if you didn’t do practical work then the knowledge is only waste. Many peoples thinking of getting a free way , but you must know that the money you are investing will be get back if you become successful.
  • Many peoples didn’t investing because they are afraid that what happen if they fail ? Man for 45$ (Rs.3000) you will get a domain for 1 year. If somehow you can’t able to earn in 1 year man you will get some practical knowledge and then you will able to perform well.

7.Copy & Pasting

  • This is the problems of many new bloggers that in the start they just copy their content from everywhere they get. They are lazy or don’t know how to create a real content and believe me this is real issue from which adsense won’t give you approval and maybe google put your blog in a blacklist for copy pasting.
  • Trust me by copy pasting you just wasting your time and the money you invested in domain and hosting. And if somehow you get the google adsense approval but believe me you can’t able to earn money. Now you asking why ? It is because the content you copy is already on google and why would someone come to your blog ?

Bonus Tip :-

  • Always start a blog in which you are interested.
  • Choose a niche in which you are passionate about.

And the profit of the above two things is..Many new bloggers only give their best at 1-2 or maximum 3 months and if they doesn’t get result they leave blogging , but if you are passionate about a thing  and your interested in that thing then you must do it without thinking of earning. Always stick to your niche and publish articles without thinking of earning and trust me one day you will become successful 🙂

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