3 Reasons Why You Should Use Call Tracking in SEO

Call Tracking in SEO: Let’s get one thing straight if you own a business which highly depends on phone calls for customers, clients and leads then call tracking must be the tool on top of your priority list. The call tracking industry is growing on a rapid pace and most of the businesses out there are using this tool to improve their business and get the most out of the conversations held on the phone calls.

Now before connecting with Call Tracking in SEO, let’s first understand the phenomenon of call tracking and why is there so much hype about it nowadays.

Call Tracking in SEO & Everything You Need To Know

In literal meanings, call tracking is the process where you get to know about the sources of your phone calls and the conversions too. Without call tracking, it can be difficult for the phone leads to attribute to a single source. This process of call tracking basically uses different phone numbers that automatically forward the calls to your business number. All of this then helps the marketers in tracking the channels and sources of the phone calls.

The other benefits of call tracking in seo to the marketers are:

  • It helps them in linking the efficiency of a particular advertising channel with the number of incoming calls.
  • It helps then calculate the ROI for different marketing campaigns.
  • It helps them to measure and track the cost of advertisements.

In a nutshell, a good call tracking platform can help you measure the effectiveness of both offline (ads in newspapers) and online (SEO efforts, PPC) marketing strategies and marketing channels.

How Can Call Tracking Help in  SEO?

The question of the hour is that how exactly can call tracking to come in handy when you need to improve your SEO. Well, if you are also looking for an answer to this query then here we are with a justification and explanation of how call tracking works;

1- It helps landing page optimization

Call tracking is an amazing tool that can help you in ways that you’ve never even imagined of. Most importantly, call tracking can help your customers and guide them to the path which leads them to your landing page. It all just starts with a  keyword, with call tracking you can easily identify the keywords that worked best for you and resulted in the conversion.

2- It helps you optimize the highest converting pages you have

Understanding and identifying your highest converting page can be very beneficial for you, and all of this is possible only if you use the call tracking tool. It’s pretty simple that if a person goes to your site and then makes a phone call to you, you’ll know about the exact page from which he or she came. This way you will be able to optimize the pages and generate more and more conversions.

3- It is so far the best conversion identifier and indicator

What exactly is the main purpose of SEO? Isn’t it to attract more traffic to your site and then increase the number of conversions and sales? Now, this is exactly where call tracking comes in handy, it helps you and indicates the pages that are bringing you the most conversions and as an SEO expert, if you have such an indicator then consider yourself a winner already. Because call tracking is the only tool that will help you with SEO and make everything fall into place for you.


These are a few reasons that show why you need to improve call tracking in SEO. We hope you now no longer have any doubts on this subject and you are all set to use a good call tracking platform.

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