15 Essential Plugins For Your New Website

Welcome to DrifterGaming, here we are going to review the most essential and commonly used plugins that help you a lot in your website development journey.

A plugin is a software containing a lot of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality and add new features to your WordPress websites. 

Today I have a list of the most important and the best wordpress plugins that will make your WordPress website 10 times better.

 If you read this post till the end then, I can guarantee that you will install 4-5 of my recommended plugins.

  1. SG Optimizer plugins
  2. UpdraftPlus plugins
  3. Smush Image Compression plugins
  4. Yoast SEO plugins
  5. Limit Login Attempts plugins
  6. ThirstyAffiliates Link
  7.  Elementor plugins
  8. Akismet plugins
  9. Onesignal plugins
  10. WooCommerce plugins
  11. Wordfence Security
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Contact Form 7
  14. Social Snap
  15. Easy Table of Contents

So, let’s get started to describe deeply all plugins one by one.

15 Best Essential Plugins For Your Website To Make it Awesome

2. SG Optimizer Plugins

The first and the most essential plugins for any website owner is a speed plugin.

SG Optimizer Plugin will make your website ultra fast. It’s a free plugin provided already by Siteground hosting.

 So if you are already using siteground hosting you can install this plugin.

It has all the functionality that a good speed plugin should have, it has as you can see all the image optimization for the frontend optimization.

I have minified HTMLJAVA Script, minify CSS, and all the options enabled that’s making my website extremely fast.

 It’s a very popular speed plugin out there in the WordPress plugin department.

So once you install it just play with the settings or watch youtube tutorial on how to configure it and your website will be extremely fast.

So having a speed plugin is a mandatory requirement. The faster your website is more traffic, you will be able to drive.

 Because people will be happy with your website and google also prefer a fast loading website, so I highly recommend a speed plugin.

 3. UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

Every WordPress website owner should have this backup plugin.

UpdraftPlus is also an essential plugins that used for creating a backup of any website. It is one of the most popular plugins.

 This is a free plugin again, it has a pro version but even its basic free version is more than enough.

Now if you are using a siteground hosting like me,

 Then the siteground hosting it selfs takes a regular backup of your website on a daily basis. So you don’t have to worry about backup.

 It is a very popular plugin and so many WordPress websites are using it.

 The plugin deserves applause because it has so many amazing features. the best part is that you can schedule your backup.

You don’t have to do it manually and you can store your backups from Google Drive, even by the membership of UpdraftPlus.

 you can also restore the website to any restore point.

 Backup is something that is extremely important for any website because your website might get hacked anytime.

 or you might be some issue with the website then you can easily restore your website to an earlier version.

So I highly recommend you must have a backup plugin.

4. Smush Image Compression

This is an image optimizer plugin and also most essential plugins for speed up your site.

Just like I told you earlier that the website speed matters a lot.

 One another plugin that really helps you speed up the website is  Smush Image Compression and Optimization.

When you will uploading an image to your webpage, it will automatically compress the images of your website.

You don’t want a slow loading page because you want your visitors to be happy.

 Because people are impatient now they don’t want to wait for 5 to 10 seconds for a web page to load. they will press the back button.

If you want your webpage to load as fast as possible and one such way to do it by compressing the images. 

So let’s say if your images of size 100kb so by using this particular plugin,

 It will reduce the size of your image by 30 to 70% without impacting much on the quality of the picture.

So I highly recommend this specific plugin to use in your website as well.

5. Yoast SEO Plugins

This plugin needs no introduction.

it is one of the most essential plugins out there and It’s called the Yoast SEO. 

It is one of the most popular SEO plugins out there, and I use it myself the best feature is that free you don’t have to buy it.

 Whenever you want to add the meta title all you have can do by this.

 Once the plugin is installed, you can add your own meta title, you can add your own meta description.

You also have other options like whether you want to add the Facebook title.

When you want to allow search engines to index the page or not and to follow the links on your post or not.

So all these functionalities are given by the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s free to use, and it’s one of the best plugins out there.

Also, it provides the XML sitemap so you don’t have to install any other plugin to generate the sitemap.

This again helps you in saving one more plugin. So you just enable the sitemap, and you can also submit the sitemap to google webmaster.

Similarly, you can choose which type of content you want to get indexed and which type of content you don’t want.

So, Yoast SEO is a highly recommended plugin and a must-have plugin for every WordPress website owner.

6. Limit Login Attempts Plugins

The most useful plugin that I will recommend is,

 Limit login attempts plugin makes your website more secure.

Generally, all the website owners have their WordPress dashboard in this particular URL that is your website name slash wp-admin.

So, whenever someone enters the username and password wrong for three to four times, it just blocks the IP so they won’t be able to log in.

 Because in the end, your website is in online real estate your investing your time, your energy, your hard work, your money into your website.

So, you want to keep it safe from hackers. So this plugin will really help you with that.

 I will also highly recommend you guys to install this particular plugin for your website security.

7. Thirsty Affiliates Link

This is the best WordPress affiliate links management plugin for wordpress.

Thirsty Affiliates link is for the people who have already have an established website and who are driving enough traffic on their website.

so that they can make money from your website.

If you have a very long ugly affiliate URL, you can cloak it by creating a beautiful looking URL.

You can also track the number of clicks on a particular URL on a particular affiliate link on how many clicks happen and you can check reports.

Instead of having a very long link destination, you create a beautiful looking cloaked link URL.

 It will also give you a stats summary of the number of clicks that happened in the last 7 days/30 days in total clicks you can also generate reports.

  if you’re an affiliate marketer because it helps you understand which link is performing well.

If you want the more advanced functionality, then you can go for the pro version.

8. Elementor Plugins

The emulator is a page builder plugin,

 That can make your website professional looking.

This is a very useful and popular plugin and it’s a free plugin.

This plugin is very easy to use to create an awesome looking website by using the page builder.

 You can create beautiful looking posts, you can embed an image, you can embed a video.

you also have such various templates as you can also change the icons so all functionalities are available in the page builder.

If you’re building a blog or website and want to drive more traffic to your blog to making money from your website, then you need to make it look really really good. 

A page builder is a must-have plugin for any website WordPress website owner to make his website like a professional look.

9. Akismet Plugins

The most powerful anti-spam plugin for WordPress

The best part is it automatically blocks the spam from websites.

Akismet is a very, very popular comment system and is used by so many popular websites out there.

 If you’re using the normal comment system of your website,

You’ll see that so many spam comments will be automatically becoming into your websites which are not relevant to your content at all.

Your normal comment system doesn’t block spammy comments, and that not looking good.

But Akismet’s comment is really lovely looking. It also highlights the top comments, and it is used by all the top popular sites.

It’s free versions more than enough you don’t have to buy the pro version

So, I’ll highly recommend you guys check this out this essential plugins.

10. Onesignal Plugins

One signal is an amazing push notification plugin.

 Push notification is a fantastic way to keep your subscribers coming back to check your website.

It’s free right until 30k subscribers, and it’s a fantastic way to drive extra traffic to your website.

Whenever you open the website, there’s the pop up which says do you want to subscribe to the push notification.

 you can add the same functionality on your website as well.

You can create an account, and also you don’t have to pay any money if you’re not crossing the 30k subscriber mark.

 There are the pro version and starter the pro version, which offers more functionality.

So, if you’re driving a good amount of traffic to your website, then you can think of purchasing a pro of this essential plugins.

11. Woo-Commerce Plugin

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

 I think you might know about this plugin it’s the most popular plugin.

If you want to sell something on your website and you want a shopping cart, checkout pages, and the payment processing, all of that will be provided by WooCommerce.

So you can use this plugin if you are selling something. If you are selling memberships or a product or a book etc.

 If you are driving paid ads and driving people to your website using that, then again, you can create a card system on your website.

So it offers a complete e-commerce solution all the functionality that you can think of it is available on woo-commerce,

 You must check out this particular plugin woo-commerce.

12. Google Analytics

This is a web analytics plugin by google.

After building a website and now you want to get as many visitors to view your content, your blog post, or buy your product?

 Google Analytics helps you measure the website, make the report for your sites, and analyze the behavior of the user coming to your website.

Google Analytics will help you to know about your visitor’s activity on your websites.

It will help to know the technology that your users are using, what is the age and gender of them?

 You will be able to find out where the user came from that visited your website.

The Behavior reports, where we can find out what the user did on our website, which pages he visited.

So, I recommend this essential plugins for your WordPress websites.

13. Contact Form 7

This is one of the best contact form creator plugins.

Contact Form 7 has all the features that you need to create a contact form.

If you create a website, you must have a contact page on your website to manage your site properly.

Having a contact form on your website allow your visitors to communicate with you privately.

You can create and manage multiple forms for your website by using this contact form 7.

Contact form 7 gives the ability to customize the contact forms according to the user’s needs and it’s very simple to use.

14. Social Snap

This is one of the most popular social sharing plugins.

This is very essential plugins to share your content on social media sites.

Every website’s owner must have the social sharing button on their website to grow their website within a short time.

Nowadays, social media became the most significant platform and have a billion active users.

Social snap is a social sharing plugin, and this is a paid plugin, and it also has a free version that is enough. 

Social snap allows sharing your content on most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

This is a very simple plugin and anyone can share your content on social media sites by one click.

15. Easy Table Of Contents

This is a plugin that helps you to keep your content organized.

Having a Table of Content on your WordPress site is the best way to arrange content.

Table of contents plugin makes your website navigation much better user-friendly.

A visitor can easily read any section of a post or content by clicking on Table of Contents navigation.

This is the most important thing for any website to make their content more users friendly.

It has some important settings to control it, and you need to configure it according to you.

The Table of Contents allows the user to hide the Table of Contents from Content if they want.

So, use this plugin to arrange your content.


 have some tips for you guys that not to install so many plugins on your website only install the essential plugins on your website. 

Because the higher the number of plugins that can slower your website will become, and you want a faster website. so try to keep the plugins to a minimum to bare necessities the plugins that are extremely vital for your website only keep them.

if you have any questions about 15 essential plugins then leave a comment on the comment section below.

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