10 Simple Ways to learn how to boost Revenue and Income to Hotels

The Hotel industry is one of the sophisticated and well-established industry globally. In comparison to other industries hotel industry has its own challenges with respect to satisfying the customers, proper coordination among the teams and managing the day to day financial crisis.

From ancient period to modern times Hotel Industry has seen a vast development in terms of Online booking, sophisticated accommodation and offering multicuisine food.

Let us see in detail how you can promote your Hotel Business through 10 simple ways:

1. Know your Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation is one of key element and first and fore most before Marketing and     Strategy development comes in to play. It depends on various factors like demographics, Geographical Location and their Interests and Behaviour.

 Benefits of Customer Segmentation:

1. Understanding Customers pain points, wants and needs.

2. Based on segmentation product/services will differ.

    Ex: A Japanese traveller may prefer Pan Asian cuisine rather than Indian Cuisine.

3. Based on segmentation Price variation occurs which depends on Buying power of the 


4. Better forecast on the marketing expenditures and to track and understand the business 


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2. Focus on Customer Satisfaction

ensure your customer is satisfied with your overall services. Interact with your customer and know their pain points. It is always recommended to keep up their expectations and strive for the best. Special offers and discounts can be provided to the guests so that they can approach you in future and can refer their friends and relatives to your hotel.

Feedback can be either positive or negative. Once the guests learn that Hoteliers are really concerned about their feedback, a good relationship and trust will be built between the customers and Hoteliers. Always keep in mind to respond them in a diplomatic way and try to rectify the negative feedback as soon as possible. This in turn earns a reputation and boost the hotel revenue.

3. Revenue Management Reports creates an Edge

As a Revenue manager, it is your duty to understand the hotel market in your area.

The Revenue management reports clearly depicts where the existing business is being


Revenue Manager has to keep track of the average daily revenue (ADR) and the hotels history and current dynamic based pricing reports. These reports help in understanding the hotel market in an effective way.

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4. Promote through Digital Marketing

As we live in the era of Internet, online presence is much essential for any Industry. When Hotel Industry comes into play the best way to promote is through Website and Social Media.

Social Media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter helps you to create a business profile where a direct interaction is feasible between the customer and Hoteliers.

Nowadays most of the bookings happens through online hence offering a user-friendly Website and a responsive design that can be accessed by mobile is preferred. The functionality, loading speed of your website and booking engine should be made convenient from user perspective.

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High definition images should be posted on Website and have a compelling Call to Action button to grab more customers to take necessary action on your website.

Captivating Images and Videos of Hotel amenities and interior can be published on the official website so that guest will arrive at the right spot and book rooms at your hotel.

6. Ensure to keep your staffs happy

If your staffs are happy and content then you can witness a considerable increase in productivity. A better working space with good payment helps your staff to take better care of the guests. When the staffs are polite and courteous, this will be a key factor for the same guests to visit your hotel in near future and boost your revenue.

7. Create a Customer Persona

In today’s world information is wealth. The more powerful is your customer database, the more affluent you are. Collecting the Guests citation (Name, Address and Phone number) will help you to keep track of their information and much helpful in sales and marketing activities.

8. Testimonials, Reviews and Rating matters a lot!

Testimonials and Reviews plays a vital role when it comes to choose the best hotel. These testimonials and reviews are way effective to increase the hotel revenue. Happy client will always spread the positivity, so you just relax and watch your revenue skyrocket.

9. Know your Unique Selling Point

Be Unique, Be you!

Know your USP [Unique selling point] example your Hotel may offer a different cuisine and have a recreation zone like Gym, Spa and Kids play area. Let the customers know your distinctive feature and how far you are unique from your competitor. Remember guests will narrow down the search between you and your competitor, so to win this race you should sell your unique point.

10. Make use of Retargeting

It has been estimated that 70% of the people abandon the booking without taking desired action on the website. So how do we retarget them? Remember we discussed about the customer persona earlier in this blog?  With the help of the Guests list we can a create an email campaign and retarget them. Remember there’s always a second chance to win.

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